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October 19,2016
K 2016
Three Years.
That’s how long it has been since the last K-Show back in 2013...
October 01,2016
Chen Hsong’s Large Two-Platen Injection Machine for High-end Medical Equipment

October 01,2016
Amazed by the Brand New MK6 Machine: Acceptance Rate reaches 99% with Excellent Precision
October 01,2016
How Plus Plus AG grows 600% in 6 years
When you mention “construction blocks for children”, the brand Lego® immediately...
October 01,2016
A success story by Máté Konkoly-Thege, general manager of Thege-Plastic company, agent of Chen Hsong since 2008.
October 01,2016
Working Together – Chen Hsong provides total solution to GSK Group, a rising star in auto parts